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The Element of Fun

Mary Poppins said, “The honey bee that fetch the nectar From the flowers to the comb Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro Because they take a little nip From every flower that they sip And hence, They find Their task is not a grind.” I am a busy bee this summer bringing the element of fun to your party or company event. If you’re feeling the grind about having to work on a beautiful day, don’t hesitate to book your party today!

“In every job that must be done, There is an element of fun, You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.”

Andi Schoenbaum with 805 Body Art, helping your true colors shine through.

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About Us

When I walk In.

Are you planning a party?  Not sure what to do?  Hire a body artist and she will come through.  Face painting is fun for kids of all ages.  Rainbows and glitter for your cabezas.  Look in the mirror and to your surprise, you’re a dragon or a princess right before your eyes!  Or a beauty of nature in floral henna adorning your hands and arms with delicate reprise.  So book 805 Body Art and book a win, cause the party don’t start till I walk in.

805 Body Art, helping your true colors shine through.

Event Calendar

Coming up!

This weekend…

Saturday, November 18, 11am-3pm

Face Painting for Child Hope Services: Project You Belong

Sunday, November 19, 9am – 3pm

Facepainting & Henna Tattoos at the Exotic Bird Mart & Expo at Ventura County Fairgrounds

With special appearance by Miss Clairice Macaw in cooperation with the Ventura County Bird Club!