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When I walk In.

Are you planning a party?  Not sure what to do?  Hire a body artist and she will come through.  Face painting is fun for kids of all ages.  Rainbows and glitter for your cabezas.  Look in the mirror and to your surprise, you’re a dragon or a princess right before your eyes!  Or a beauty of nature in floral henna adorning your hands and arms with delicate reprise.  So book 805 Body Art and book a win, cause the party don’t start till I walk in.

805 Body Art, helping your true colors shine through.

About Us

Be a Hero This Memorial Day Weekend!

Calvin Coolidge said, “Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion.” In observing Memorial Day this weekend, why not be the hero of your family and friends? Book face painting, glitter or henna tattoos for your BBQ or block party! We use natural henna, cosmetic grade paint and are fully insured. And we still have availability Sunday and Monday.

Author Richelle Goodrich said, “Friends are the artists who paint happy lips on your face.” So hire a real artist to paint those happy lips and be the hero of the weekend. 

Andi Schoenbaum with 805 Body Art, helping your true colors shine through.