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Chin Up!

At parties, shy children often tuck their chins under making it difficult to paint them. In the words of Charlotte, I have to say, Chin down, you can’t come frowning
Turn around
Starting, clowning
Think sad
Your troubles double
Think glad
They burst like bubbles

Twinkle, sparkle
Make a little fun begin
You’ll be on the right side
Looking at the bright side
Up with your chinny chin
Chin up!

Andi Schoenbaum with 805bodyart, helping your true colors shine through.

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About Us

When I walk In.

Are you planning a party?  Not sure what to do?  Hire a body artist and she will come through.  Face painting is fun for kids of all ages.  Rainbows and glitter for your cabezas.  Look in the mirror and to your surprise, you’re a dragon or a princess right before your eyes!  Or a beauty of nature in floral henna adorning your hands and arms with delicate reprise.  So book 805 Body Art and book a win, cause the party don’t start till I walk in.

805 Body Art, helping your true colors shine through.