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Introducing Reiki Energy Healing

Beginning June 15, 2021, for private henna appointments you may also request reiki energy healing.

Reiki smoothes the energy flow of your body and adjusts the balance. Consequently, your body and mind get relaxed and refreshed. The stress-free life with Reiki allows you to keep your health and beauty and stay young.

~ Hiroshi Doi, A Modern Method for Reiki Healing

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But Wait! There’s More!

Recap of the last three days:

  • ✅42+ Mother’s Day cookies DONE!
  • ✅Vaccine scheduled today & Memorial Day!
  • ✅Small Henna Party Booked for 4th of July Weekend! 🤩🎉

Do you need some henna pampering and perhaps energy healing while enjoying some delicious home made cookies? Yesss… 🧘🏻‍♀️🌸💕


Are you planning an intimate garden party with friends this summer? 🌸🥂

Henna & reiki energy healing 805 Body Art will also be available for private appointments & small outdoor parties starting 6/15/21.


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2021 Summer Henna Update

I am not currently practicing henna due to health risks related to the pandemic. I plan to be vaccinated during the month of May. Once fully vaccinated I will accept appointments, time permitting. If you have a request for June, July or August, please don’t hesitate to call.

Reiki energy healing will also be available as a separate or combined service.

Cell (805) 236-6997 Email: 805bodyart@gmail.com


Private Appointments

Since my post of this stain drying, I’ve had more inquiries for private appointments. After having some passing sinus irritation and fatigue for a couple of days and the fear of the unknown in today’s health climate, I canceled the original booking and provided a #diy henna kit for the client instead. Good news, I’m feeling better today.


In light of the other inquiries and the location of appointments on my home patio in a condo community, I’ve decided to accept private appointments ONLY by vetted referral or personally known to me. PPE will be required. Depending on the request, I may ask for more health related information prior to the appointment. If there is any hint of illness, the appointment will be canceled and replaced with a take-home henna kit with touchless pickup. @805bodyart

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Alternatives for Parties

I took a private henna appointment on my patio yesterday for a young man whose bar mitzvah party was canceled due to covid. I’ve decided against providing body art for gatherings of any size while the pandemic is active. It seems the risks are too high. Instead, my client opted for a private appointment and henna kits ($10ea.) for a few of his friends he plans to celebrate with for his coming of age.

I’m excited about the opportunity for private appointments that provide more time for complex designs. Typically at parties and events it’s more about serving everyone who wants henna in the timeframe allowed, so the designs are far more simple. I look forward to more and I’m offering a covid discount. Contact us if you’re interested.

Design inspired by @anoushka_irukandji